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Military Divorce Lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA

Our firm specializes in providing services for any personnel requiring a military divorce lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA. In Virginia, divorce needs to be granted by a judge in court. It can be issued for one of several reasons, which include adultery and abandonment. A court can also grant a divorce to spouses who have been living apart for over a year or, if there are no children and a separation agreement has been made for six months.

Moreover, you can also file for divorce, with the help of a lawyer, if you are deployed or stationed overseas. We can answer your questions clearly to help you understand your choices and represent you in court.

Here For You

We understand how difficult it can be to go through a divorce. Occasionally, these difficulties can be complicated by the military involvement of one or both spouses. The Law Office of Timothy Wade Roof takes the time to listen to your full story, allowing us to determine the best possible strategy for moving forward. Our divorce and criminal attorneys in Virginia Beach, VA, are committed to helping you navigate this trying time in your life.

Military Involvement

While the Uniform Code Of Military Justice and the Basic Allowance for Housing have an impact on some family matters, the military has to honor what a civilian court decides. Virginia has specific laws and formulas that determine whether you will have to pay spousal or child support and, if so, how much the payments will be. We can help you understand how spousal and child support work, and whether military rules will affect your divorce.

Can My Spouse Waive My Retirement?
In cases of divorce, military personnel are usually concerned about losing some of their important retirement benefits. If you get divorced, your spouse can agree to waive his or her share of your retirement, but this does not happen in many situations.

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We encourage you to reach out to us today for more information about military divorce proceedings. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in this area, and we are passionate about supporting the individuals that come to us by sharing this knowledge with them. When you contact us, feel free to ask any questions or bring up any concerns that you may have about the military divorce process. We will be happy to point you in the right direction and guide you through these difficult circumstances.

And don’t forget: in addition to our divorce law services, we also excel in the areas of child custody and criminal defense. Contact us today to get the conversation started with one of our family or criminal attorneys. We look forward to serving you soon.

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