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Complex legal issues can turn your life upside down. Trying to handle these issues on your own can only make matters worse. That is why you need to work with a law firm in Virginia Beach, VA, that keeps your best interests in mind. That firm is the Law Office of Timothy Wade Roof.

Whether you need assistance with criminal defense or family law, our lawyer helps you better understand your legal options before you proceed with any course of action. By clearly and honestly explaining your legal rights, options, and issues with you, you are able to make smarter choices on how to proceed with your case. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment with us.

Legal Family Lawyer

Divorce and other family matters can be extremely stressful, emotional, and challenging to overcome, especially when legal action is required. Whether it’s the distribution of assets or custody of the children, the Law Office of Timothy Wade Roof is committed to making the process as seamless as possible. Our legal family lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA, is highly skilled and experienced in navigating the legal system when it comes to divorces.

A legal family lawyer can effectively manage negotiations from an objective standpoint while helping to reduce stress. They’ll also make certain your interests are protected. Even in cases where both parties cannot be in the same room together, your lawyer can still move negotiations along on your behalf through mediation or arbitration procedures.

Where children are involved, your lawyer will handle your divorce case with the utmost sensitivity and compassion to get them through the changes. Legal family lawyers can help make the legal proceedings for custody go as seamlessly as possible so that your children don’t feel so caught in the middle.

You can rest assured that your divorce will be handled with skill and knowledge; contact the Law Office of Timothy Wade Roof for more information about their services. They’ll be glad to discuss your case and work with you.


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For more than 24 years, Tim Roof and his staff have been providing a straightforward approach to helping his clients fight their legal battles while ensuring they are not being overcharged. When you want straight answers, you can always rely on Tim to respond with a truthful reply, as well as his opinion on whether he can help you or not.

Tim not only has a deep understanding of family and criminal law but also understands the challenges faced by people in the Armed Forces as well and deals extensively in helping military personnel and their spouses. Turn to us for a no-obligation consultation today if you need assistance with:


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