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Protect Your Future with a Family Lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA

One of the most challenging events a family can face is a divorce. Whether you’re still considering a separation or have made a final decision, it’s essential to speak to a divorce lawyer. The Law Office of Timothy Wade Roof is here to lay the legal groundwork that will help protect your future. Call now to schedule your consultation with a leading family lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA; our team is ready to explain your options and provide insight into your case.

Tailored Family Law Advice

We understand that everyone’s situation is unique. Our divorce lawyers will provide tailored legal advice that addresses your concerns and upholds your rights throughout the process. We have extensive experience handling complex negotiation, mediation, and arbitration procedures. Let us take on the burden of stress and put your trust in our divorce and child custody lawyer to secure a positive outcome.

Reach out to us today and sleep better at night, knowing your family lawyer has everything under control.


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About Our Family Law Firm

For over 24 years, Tim Roof and his legal support staff have offered a straightforward approach to helping families move through the complexities of separation and divorce. The Law Office of Timothy Wade Roof provides affordable legal assistance that supplies reliable answers to complicated questions. When you need an opinion on your situation, you can trust Tim to be honest and forthright about the circumstances surrounding your divorce.

While Tim’s practice focuses on family and criminal law, he is also skilled at handling the legal specifics of separation and divorce for military personnel and their spouses. If you are in the Armed Forces, contact us for a consultation if you need assistance with:


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